Planter Info

Each piece is molded, carved, glazed and fired by professional artisans. Slight variations may occur due to individual handling.

Lab Tested
Earthenware planters have been approved by independent laboratories testing
for glaze color durability, tilt and impact resistance, leakage and holding strength.

Frost Proof
Earthenware and terra cotta items are low-fired and best in temperatures above 32
degrees. All other planters are weather resistant in the range of 0 to 120 degrees.
Items are not intended for water gardening use in winter and may crack when filled
with water and exposed to prolonged freezing temperatures.

Planters come with a minimum of one drain hole. For larger sizes, two or more
holes are formed for proper drainage.

When ordering glazed planters, please note there is a degree of variation from
the glaze color shown. Glazes are a type of glass that is chemically formulated
to be applied to the surface of the clay and fused into the body when fired.
The percentage of each compound used, the temperature it is fired and the
planter’s location in the kiln can all affect the color of the glaze.

Set Shapes
The shape of each smaller size in a set may differ from the largest size to
accommodate for nesting while firing and in transit.

Sizes are listed as width X heigth for round and square planters and
width X length X height for ovals, rectangles and special shapes.

Over the span of years, planters will fade and change in appearance when exposed
to the elements. This natural process lends beauty and character to a planter and is
not considered a defect in materials or craftsmanship.

Occasional cleaning of your planters will keep them beautiful for years to come.
Simply rinsing with water will keep dirt and debris from accumulating on the
surface. A mild soap and soft sponge can be used for a more thorough cleaning.

Custom Orders
We will be glad to work with you in creating custom designed items. Commercial
installations and architectural projects can be developed to your specification.
Minimum order and other requirements will apply. All items are custom made
in Vietnam and require a minimum 90 day lead time for delivery. Please contact
us for additional information.